We support women and children in crisis.

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Services are free and confidential. You do not need to stay in our shelter to access support. 

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Vision: Communities where all people are free from violence and abuse

Mission: We are committed to providing a safe place and services for individuals and families affected by violence and abuse.

What We Offer

Our 24 hour crisis line and outreach program supports women and their families during crisis, assists with personal safety planning, and makes referrals to other agencies.

The outreach program supports both families from the shelter and families in Camrose and surrounding area.

We also provide community presentations on family violence and the programs offered by our agency.

Stay Safe

Safety plans will help you be as safe as you can be from future abuse.

They are used by people who:
• Want to leave, but it’s not safe
• Are unsure about leaving; need help in case the abuser gets violent
• Have left and the threat of violence is still there

This can be a stressful and dangerous time for you and your children. Above all else, stay safe and if needed, call 911.

Access our guide and helpful links to prepare and stay safe.

Help Someone

If you know of someone who is being abused, encourage them to contact the Camrose Women’s Shelter for support and assistance by calling:

780-672-1035  or  toll free 1-877-672-1010
or Email: crisiswork@camrosewomenshelter.org

The Camrose Women’s Shelter Society is a Registered Charitable Organization. We accept cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard and e-transfers.

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