Learn about what to expect at the Shelter.

This is a safe place to find support. This is a judgement free space, and you are safe to share, We are trained to help and this is why we are here. It is okay not to know what is going to happen next. We know that it helps to know what to expect when you stay with us. Find out more below.

Staying in the Shelter

  • The length of stay is 21 days with meals and basic daily needs provided.
  • We acknowledge that you are leaving an abusive situation. House rules are necessary for the safety of everyone in shelter.
  • Keep all information about the house, including your location, other clients, staff and volunteers confidential.
  •  Families will always get their own room. Single people may have to share rooms.
  •  Your children must be within eyesight of you at all times unless; they are in child care or school, or are sleeping in the bedroom. We have baby monitors to use during your stay, as well as the option to use our intercom system that goes between each bedroom & the main office.
  • For everyone’s safety, all medication is kept in the office. CIWs are on-staff 24 hours so your medication is always accessible, except when the office is closed for meetings (hours are posted).
  • To maintain a safe house, the shelter has  a zero tolerance policy for the possession and/or use of illegal drugs, marijuana or alcohol onsite
  •  Violence and bullying are not tolerated.
  • In-house licensed child care for appointments, self care, etc.
  • Family Support for parenting  supports and information
  • On site School room/teacher for grades 1-12
  • Access to Elder, resources available for smudging,
  • In house groups,   topics include the Cycle of Violence, the impact of abuse and trauma on you and your children, stress management, life skill development
  • Serenity Room for quiet time/individual space for smudging
  • Outreach support for moving into community and ongoing support after leaving shelter
  • If you are here you are doing everything you can to keep your children safe[DG1].
  • Referrals to Alberta Supports – and support with the application process
  • Referrals to other community agencies  for more specialized support or assistance


 We understand & acknowledge that you may be leaving a very controlling environment. And coming into a new place with more guidelines to follow can feel like you are still being controlled. This may be difficult for you & we understand that. All house guidelines are in place to keep people safe. If you have concerns about something, you can speak to a CIW for further clarification.

For more information about Emergency Accommodations contact our Program Coordinator at 780-679-4975 ext. 6
Please visit our Safety Planning page to prepare and protect yourself as you plan to leave.

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